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362 E 10th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V5T 4G5


Bryn Davidson 604.728.0606

Mat Turner 604.999.1460

Passive House Construction

We design and build passive houses-passivhaus

Passive House (Passivhaus) Construction: Details and Assemblies

Our team has extensive experience with a wide range of different construction methods (including exterior mineral wool, ICFs, Durisol etc.).

The majority of our projects, however, use a hybrid system that combines prefab Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) with site built framing.

This system was developed specifically for urban projects in Vancouver (which often have basements) but it can be used anywhere.

There are pros/cons to every building system, but the hybrid systems shown below give us the following benefits:

  • Cost competitive
    (relative to other passive house building systems)
  • Quick to frame and 'get the roof on'
    (so we're not spending a lot of time framing in the Vancouver rain...)
  • Conventional foundations 
    (that work in seismic zones and are familiar to most construction crews)
  • It's easy to use heavy cladding materials like stone and stucco
    (which often can't be installed on exterior-insulated walls)
  • It's also easy to attach exterior features like balconies, roofs, awnings etc. without worrying about thermal bridging
  • Easy to make airtight
    (we eliminate fussy details like 'box joists' and window installation is simple)
  • A proven system we've been using for years (and tested for moisture tolerance with both site-measurements and computer models)
Prefab panels being installed at the E.37th Passive House

Prefab panels being installed at the E.37th Passive House

R56 Wall Using Prefab SIP Panels

Insulated Foundation and Footing

Remodeling and Home Design