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Vancouver, BC, V5T 4G5


Bryn Davidson 604.728.0606

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Design & Construction Costs

What costs are involved to design & build a custom home?

For custom homes the Building Construction Cost can vary widely, depending on the design, the site, and the features that are chosen.  Our 'standard' and 'higher end' features are detailed below, but we can tailor a project to fit any budget.

If you'd like to discuss design fees or the costs associated with construction please give us a call at 604-999-1460. We'd be happy to meet with you on site, or at our E.10th Ave. office.

When seeking quotes for design and construction, it is important to know if you are being quoted just the 'Building Construction Cost' or the 'Project Cost' including all taxes, fees and site costs.

lanefab project cost diagram.jpg

'Fees' Include:

  • Site Survey
  • Design, Structural Engineering, Landscape Design, Interior Design
  • Arborist Reports, Energy Modelling
  • City Permit Fees, Sewer Connections Fees & Development Levies
  • Hydro, Gas and Telecom Startup Fees
  • Homeowner Course-of-Construction Insurance
  • HPO 2-5-10 Home Warranty (for projects in British Columbia)


Design Fees are broken up into the following stages:

  • Concept Design
    3D concept model, basic plans, and preliminary cost estimate
  • Permit Drawings
    Basic plans for permit, structural engineering and landscape design
  • Construction Drawings
    Interior design specs, electrical and lighting layout, and
    cabinetry details
  • Construction Admin
    Construction oversight and coordination
  • Want more details about the design process? click here

Getting quotes?
A few things to watch out for:

  • Cost-per-square foot estimates.  
    Preliminary construction costs are often quoted based on a $-per-square-foot value, but it's important to understand what this includes. Does it include design and permits? Taxes? Landscape?  

    Also, the $/sf for small homes is always much higher than for large homes (where the costs are diluted by 'cheap' rooms like bedrooms and hallways).  Many home owners and builders have gotten into trouble when they use 'typical' $/sf values to estimate the cost of a small home under 1000sf.

  • Modular, Pre-fab and Packaged Homes
    Prefab or packaged homes can seem cheap, but there are many associated costs that have to be accounted for including: delivery and installation, building permits, foundations, sewer and water servicing, landscape and taxes.

    There are also challenges when trying to fit a modular home into the different zoning requirements dictated by each individual municipality. In many cases a modular home needs to be under-sized relative to the maximum square footage allowed by the zoning.

What features are typically included at different price-points?



Higher End:

  • Energuide 86 to 92 (Highest Energuide ratings in Vancouver)
  • Certified Passive House
  • 'Net-Zero' Solar Energy System
  • High efficiency heat pump for heating, A/C and hot water
  • Home automation system
  • Multi-Fold Patio Doors
  • Jacuzzi / Sauna / Steam Shower
  • Custom steel and glass railings and balcony guards
  • Rainwater capture system
  • Green Roof
Remodeling and Home Design