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362 E 10th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V5T 4G5


Bryn Davidson 604.728.0606

Mat Turner 604.999.1460

Lanefab - About Us

Photo by Carlo Ricci / Western Living Magazine

Photo by Carlo Ricci / Western Living Magazine

About Us

Lanefab is an integrated design/build company that crafts custom homes and infill mini-homes (or “laneway houses”) with design quality & energy efficiency as core values. 

Our projects are all unique; they are built for a specific site and client, and are consistently rated among Canada’s most energy efficient. 

Our team can provide full design and construction services- working with you from the first sketches to the final finishes. We can navigate the zoning and permitting process for you, and can provide a fixed price construction contract with clearly defined materials, methods and costs.

The design team is led by LEED accredited designer Bryn Davidson (left), and the construction crew is led by project manager Mat Turner (right). 


Why work with a Design / Build firm?

At Lanefab our integrated design/build process means that we can be a one-stop-shop for the entire process of designing and building your home.  We have an experienced team of architectural designers, interior designers, carpenters and project managers. We also have a dedicated team of consultants and sub contractors who work with us on a recurring basis.

Design/Build vs. working with an Architect

In contrast with a typical architects' office we are able to provide feedback on costing and construct-ability all the way through the design stage, and our designers are involved in every step of the construction stage.  

Because we are able to develop cost estimates during the design stage you won't have to wait for contractor bids to know if your design will fit your budget.

Design/Build vs. working with a General Contractor

Because we are an integrated team you can be confident that the construction process will actually reflect the intent of your decisions that were made at the design stage.  Our integrated team is able to work through changes quickly without the conflict that often emerges between separate design and construction teams.


Remodeling and Home Design