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362 E 10th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V5T 4G5


Bryn Davidson 604.728.0606

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How is a Passive House different?

How is a Passive House different?

  • Very thick walls and roofs (our typical PH wall is 17" thick)
  • Very quiet and comfortable, without cold spots or condensation.
  • Usually a simpler shape (to reduce heat lost through bump outs, dormers etc.)
  • Very high quality triple-glazed windows and doors
  • A high efficiency ventilation system with heat recovery (HRV) that brings fresh air to every room year-round.
  • Many passive houses have recirculating kitchen hoods with charcoal filters that remove smoke, grease and smells.
  • Many passive houses also use energy efficient 'vent-less' dryers that use a heat pump to extract moisture.
  • Passive houses can be built with any type of hot water system.
  • A passive house can work really well with solar panels, but solar panels are not required to meet the PH standard.
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