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362 E 10th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V5T 4G5


Bryn Davidson 604.728.0606

Mat Turner 604.999.1460

About Laneway Houses

About Laneway Houses

Laneway houses (which were first permitted under the city of Vancouver’s 2009 Eco-Density bylaw) are small scale fully independent homes which are typically built in the rear yard of an existing single family property.  

In Vancouver, if you have a property zoned "RS" and have access to a lane, then you are likely able to build a laneway house.  If you're outside of Vancouver, check with your city planning department to see if the allow 'accessory dwelling units'.

As a form of densification, laneway houses allow new density to be inserted into existing walkable, and transit accessible, neighbourhoods while helping to preserve the community’s existing homes.

Lanefab is a leader in the field, having built: 

To achieve this performance Lanefab has invested hundreds of hours into R&D while working closely with city planners and inspectors to craft new bylaws supporting energy efficiency and removing barriers to new green technologies.

The principals of Lanefab have also worked extensively in the community, supporting local community projects and speaking publicly about green buildings and their role in addressing global energy and climate challenges.

Lanefab’s next goal is to go beyond ‘net-zero’ impact, to craft projects that have a ‘net-positive’ impact on communities and the global environment.



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